COSC203 Web, Databases, and Networks
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COSC203, 2022 S2

The course material for COSC203 is delivered in 2 parts. The first part is focused on building web applications. The second part is focused on databases, networking, and security.

  • Part 1
    • Web Development
      • Static web pages with HTML and CSS
      • Dynamic web sites with JavaScript
  • Part 2
    • Databases & Networking
      • Relational Databases & SQL
      • TCP/IP Stack
      • Network Security

📅 Weekly Timetable

There are 2 weekly lectures. 11am Tuesday at Quad 4, Geology Building. 11am Friday at Burns 2, (Arts 1) Burns Building.

You will also be assigned 2 lab streams each week on Monday and Thursday (check eVision for your streams).

📝 Assessment

Internal assessments are worth 60%, and the final exam contributes 40% to your final grade.

Labs 2-125%Web development labs
Labs 15-2525%Database and Networking labs
Assignment 110%Front-end Project11 July14 August
Assignment 210%Back-end Project9 September9 October
Assignment 310%Ethics Essay8 September2 October
Final Exam40%

Academic Integrity

In COSC203 we place high value on the principles of academic integrity, and view academic misconduct as a very serious matter.